Tis The Season: For Hot Chocolate

December 09, 2017

Tis the season,

The season of Xmas music, gingerbread men, snow, head bashing to 'another rock and roll Christmas'. Christmas shopping for brothers who have no clue what they want, while being extremely fussy about what they get. Listening to everyone complaining about the bitterness outside. Oh I think I got sidetracked....

Isn't hot chocolate the most wonderful thing at Christmas time though? I have recently been loving the Chilli Hot Chocolate at Soma, in the distillery district, Toronto. I usually love to bring it to school in the chilly mornings, or just down a massive mug of the spicy chocolaty concoction.

The hot chocolate is not a powder, it is chilli chocolate flakes, that melt into the boiling milk and water to form a delicious creamy, spicy, chocolate drink. Seriously it is the best thing ever.

Enjoy the frosty weather, drink lots of spicy hot chocolate, cuddle in lots of blankets by the fire, and watch lots of Christmas movies. Enjoy this time of year, its a magical month.


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  1. Yes! All the hot chocolate, and only two more weeks 'till Christmas!!!!!!!


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