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Hey guys!

Welcome to my little place on the internet.
Grab a cuppa Tea, Hot chocolate, Coffee, or whatever your favourite drink is. Throw on a blanket, cozy by the fire, and get ready. Unless you live somewhere hot, then disregard the above! Welcome to  my sarcasm, if you are still here, I can tell we are going to get on well :)

My name is Zoë, also known as Zozebo, Zobeelo, Zozo, but never Zo. I am a 17 year old Brit exploring life in Canada. I moved to Canada in 2014, and so far, this place has been amazing! I do not have a job, legally speaking I am not aloud one in Canada anyway, so I like to think of myself as a full time Blogger and Youtuber.

Which brings me onto the next part, Youtube. I am an addict, it's safe to say. I have been uploading videos for years, and creating videos is the most fulfilling thing in the world for me. My youtube channel is linked in several places, including right here!

I have many loves in life, dance, filming/editing, writing, photography, travelling, books, family & friends to name a few!

I have had this blog since I was roughly 12 years old, but at 17 I am starting to properly organize this little spot. This blog includes all my favourite things, from photography, to beauty reviews, my journey with Anxiety, and happy snippets of life.

Join me on this little adventure through the internet,


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